Specialisation is key to obtain premium quality translations


Inform your customers with accuracy and passion about the features of your products and software. From datasheets, technical manuals or product specifications to formative contents and user interfaces.


Get more prospects with a creative and natural translation of your promotional materials, adjusted to connect with your Spanish audience: websites, advertising campaigns, press releases, product brochures…


Communicate effectively with a professional translation of the financial documentation of your company, such as annual reports, contracts, logistics agreements, investment management, and compliance.


Express your environmental awareness with translations that convey your values. Environmental Management System, Corporate Social Responsibility, Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability Certificates, etc.

Olga Pérez Díaz

Olga Pérez Díaz

Working together, we can increase your revenues by reaching new audiences with documentation adapted to the Spanish market. Impress your prospects with accurate and clear business translations.

  • Are you willing to communicate effectively with the Spanish audience?
  • Would you like to ensure that your contents are free of errors?
  • Are you seeking a specialized translator to get high-quality texts for your business?

Show your customers a professional and trustworthy image with accurate, clear and natural translations.

I can help you


Direct communication to provide accurate translations that suit your needs. The use of CAT tools improves efficiency and consistency. I overcome any linguistic or technical challenge for smooth project completion, always delivering within the established deadlines.

Technical Background

Environmental Engineer with broad experience in marketing, management and R&D. Over five years translating in my specialisation fields. Continuous training in different areas to offer excellent quality and to keep improving every day.


Love for translation, environment and marketing. They can achieve business growth and improve industrial procedures to get a more sustainable future. I work passionately to deliver natural translations for your target audience.


Minimisation of resource consumption (energy, water, paper, other consumables) and waste generation. Reuse and recycling of materials. Usage of green electricity. Collaboration in social projects and raising environmental awareness.


Olga has taken part in numerous localisation projects from German and English into Spanish since 2017. She has mainly been working in the following fields: Retail and e-commerce and IT.
Olga is a conscientious and a diligent person with an eye for detail. The work she has provided has been of top quality and always on time. It has been sheer pleasure working with her and we can recommend Olga as a reliable and a hard-working translator.

Jonckers Translation
Anna S. (Recruitment Group Lead) Jonckers Translation & Engineering S.A.
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Are you committed to providing high-quality products and services to your customers? Use high-quality translations for entering or expanding your business into the Spanish market and increase your revenues while ensuring a good reputation.

Your communication in Spanish will be clear and effective to connect with your target audience. Don’t allow bad texts to repel your new prospects. Project a professional corporate image, build trust and prove that you care of details with my specialised linguistic services from English and German into Spanish.

Does your business care for the environment? Sustainability is a highly appreciated attribute in Spain. Therefore, reflect this added value in your business documentation with accurate and natural translations. Transmit your mission, awareness and contribution to preserving our planet. We can work together for a better future.

Ready to conquer the Spanish market?

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