Specialised linguistic services

for premium Spanish business content


Want to sell your products in Spain? You have a whole new market on your hand. I can help you to connect with your new audience adapting your website, product documentation, technical manuals and marketing material from English and/or German to impress your potential customers.


Making business with Spanish partners? Break down language barriers with translated contracts, agreements and financial reports for making them feel comfortable working with you.


Want to make sure that your contents in Spanish have excellent quality? You will offer the best version of your company and products with clear texts free of errors. Prove that you pay attention to details. I can help you to transmit the message precisely to your customers.


Want to adapt your software to your customers in Spain? A precise localisation will make its use easier and will save you hours of technical support. I worked with technical projects from user interfaces to complex industry management software.


Want to move your audience with your marketing contents? Advertising messages rarely work by just translating the meaning of their words. It’s necessary to adapt them for conveying the value of your product. I have collaborated in online and offline campaigns.

Customer Feedback

We have been collaborating with Olga in our translation agency Versión Original Traducciones since 2019. This collaboration has strengthened our professional and personal relationship over time, and she has become a trusted business partner.

Olga has performed English and German into Spanish translations for us within different fields. All of her work has been of high quality, with timely delivery and careful attention to details and our customers’ needs.

Certainly, we recommend her for specialized translation into Spanish and hope to keep collaborating with her.

V.O. Traducciones
Cristina Vega (CEO) V.O. Traducciones

Olga has taken part in numerous localisation projects from German and English into Spanish since 2017.

She has mainly been working in the following fields: Retail and e-commerce, and Information Technology. Olga has also been a pillar of the accounts from those fields, working on numerous translation, postediting and revision tasks.

Olga is a conscientious and a diligent person with an eye for detail. The work she has provided has been of top quality and always on time. It has been sheer pleasure working with her and we can recommend Olga as a reliable and a hard-working translator.

Jonckers logo
Anna S. (Recruitment Group Lead) Jonckers Translation & Engineering S.A.

Very fast and reliable, we work with her on a regular basis and her work is always professional.

Leyenda Traducciones
Aglaia Montoya (Founder) Leyenda Traducciones S.L.
My mission is to help sustainable companies in their international expansion
to reach more prospects with natural Spanish translations

Obtain natural business texts that communicate your message clearly and accurately thanks to my specialised linguistic services. I will treat your content with the highest thoroughness and care.

I offer a broad range of services, specialised in technology, marketing, economics and environment, to cover your business’ needs.

Leave your business texts in good hands